Our dear mother, grandma and great-grandma, Diana Tveit, left us three years ago, April 26, 2016.

In Our Hearts

We thought of you with love today,

But that is nothing new;

We thought about you yesterday,

And days before that, too.

We think of you in silence,

We often speak your name;

Now all we have are memories,

And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake,

With which we’ll never part;

God has you in His keeping,

We have you in our hearts.

Sadly missed by

Cheryl and Charles

Jennifer, Adam, Karlie and Tanner

Charlie, Jessica and Lorelei

In loving memory of our dear father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Harry Kalar, who passed away April 24, 2003.

Home is a special place where dreams are planted and hearts begin to grow.

Where laughter is a welcome sound and tears can find a quiet haven.

Where love is a gift, strong and sure, and memories give you smiles for tomorrow.

Home is the special place that holds you and molds you and becomes a very part of you until one day you realize ... that no matter where you wander, no matter where you roam, the gift of a loving family will always bring your heart back home.

Sadly missed and loved by

Lowell and Lorraine

Allen and Barbara

Tom and Connie

Rick and Lou Anne

grandchildren -

Debra, Jeff, Brent, Cindy and Ian, Courtney and Rob,

Matt, Meghann and Sam

great-grandchildren -

Noah, Lily, Natalie, Madeline,

Avery, Austin and Gabriella

In memory of Ron Anderson.

He never looked for praises,

He was never one to boast;

He just went on quietly working,

For the ones he loved most.

His dreams were seldom spoken,

His wants very few;

And most of the time his worries went unspoken, too.

He was a firm foundation,

Through all our storms of life;

A sturdy hand to hold on to,

In times of stress and strife.

A true friend we could turn to,

When times were good or bad;

One of our greatest blessings,

That man that we called Dad.

With love from your family

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