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Public Notice City of Ranier Summary of Ordinance No. 153 Unified Land Use Ordinance and Zoning Map An ordinance implementing a Unified Land Use Plan and Zoning Map for the entire City of Ranier and its annexed properties. Ordinance No. 153 repealed and superseded City of Ranier Ordinance numbers 64, 68, 73, 101 and 105 pertaining to the City of Ranier land use. The following sections are contained in the Ordinance. 1. General Provisions 2. Administration 3. Zoning Districts 4. Development Standards 5. Planned Unit Developments 6. Shoreland Overlay District 7. Floodplain Overlay 8. Subdivisions 9. Effective Date. This Ordinance was effective April 23, 2015. 10. Zoning District Map A complete copy of this ordinance and the zoning map is available for viewing at the Ranier City office or on its website@ The Journal March 12th, 2016