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Public Notice MINUTE SUMMARY REGULAR MEETING OF THE KOOCHICHING COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Held on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 9:30 a.m. Via Teleconference MEMBER PRESENT IN BOARDROOM: None MEMBERS PRESENT VIA TELECONFERENCE: Commissioners Pavleck, Sjoblom, Skoe, McBride, Adee MEMBERS ABSENT: None 000 The County Board approved the agenda for the April 14, 2020 meeting, approved the minutes from the April 7, 2020 regular meeting, approved to amend Board Motion 2020/04-03 to correct the amount of Highway Claims to $42,209.59 due to the void of an invoice and approved the void of warrant #29891 in the amount of $6,396.35. Motions carried unanimously 2020/04-15 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by Sjoblom to approve the monthly credit card limit for Veteran's Transportation at $2,000 and Public Health and Human Services at $5,000. Voting yes by roll call: Pavleck, McBride, Sjoblom, Skoe Adee. Motion carried unanimously. 000 Public Health and Human Services Director informed the Board there is still only one confirmed case of COVID-19 in the County and that person has since recovered. Public Health and Human Services has been receiving calls of concerns that the public is not being provided all of the information available in regard to the number of tests being done and local positive cases. Kathy LaFrance assured the Board that positive COVID-19 case reports are not being withheld from the public, but she does expect more positive test results as the virus moves to the northern areas of the state. The actions that have been taken are working and we need to continue to be proactive until the health care facilities are better prepared. Board member commented on the importance to continue sharing information with the public. The County Sheriff commented that his focus has been to keep everyone healthy while providing emergency services and serving the public, noting there has been excellent cooperation between the County Attorney's office and the Courts in keeping the number of jail inmates as low as possible. 2020/04-16 Motion by McBride, seconded by Pavleck to approve the employment separation of part-time E911/Correctional Officer Erika Simutkin effective April 8, 2020. Motion carried unanimously. 2020/04-17 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by Sjoblom to approve a five year loan at 3% interest to the Rural Fire Protection Association for one half of the cost of the fire boat in the amount of $79,100 with annual payments beginning on July 1, 2021 and further authorizing the Board Chair's signature to the Promissory Note. Motion carried unanimously. 2020/04-18 Motion by McBride, seconded by Pavleck to approve a Letter of Default to be sent to Granite Digital Realty LLC for failure to meet the development agreement terms. Voting yes by roll call: Pavleck, McBride, Skoe Adee. Voting no by roll call: Sjoblom. Motion carried. 2020/04-19 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by Sjoblom to authorize the Environmental Services Director to execute the MPCA SCORE 2020 2021 grant agreement with a 25% matching funds requirement. Motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m. A full copy of the minutes is available on the County website at and for public inspection at the County Administration Office during regular business hours. The Journal April 29th, 2020