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Public Notice MINUTE SUMMARY REGULAR MEETING OF THE KOOCHICHING COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Held on Tuesday January 24, 2017; 9:30 a.m. MEMBERS PRESENT: Commissioners Adee, Norby, Skoe, McBride, Pavleck MEMBERS ABSENT: None 000 The County Board approved the agenda for the January 24, 2017 meeting, approved the minutes from the January 10, 2017 regular meeting, approved payment of claims as presented from Courthouse; Health and Human Services claims and Highway and budget allocation to the Housing Redevelopment Authority. 2017/01-22 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by Norby to table the request to approve the Board of Equalization meeting dates until clarification from County Assessor. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-23 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by Norby that be it resolved by the Koochiching County Board that the State of Minnesota Agreement No. 1027191 "Grant Agreement for Air Service Programs" for State Project No. A3601-SM014 at the Falls International Airport is accepted. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-24 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by Norby to approve a letter of support from the Koochiching County Board to accompany the Koochiching Economic Development Authority (KEDA) Business Development Public Infrastructure Grant (BDPI) application for financing of a new cold room as a collaborative effort with Koochiching County, the City of International Falls, DEED and the KEDA as recommended by the KEDA Director. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-25 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by McBride to approve the Borderland Substance Abuse Court's request for $25,000 to provide case management and fiscal agent services. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-26 Motion by McBride, seconded by Skoe to approve a County Emergency Management Coordination Service Contract with Willi Kostiuk. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-27 Motion by Pavleck, Seconded by Norby to accept the low quote from Wherley Motors Inc. for the purchase of three 2017 Ram 1500 SSV Crew Cab 4x4 Special Service Vehicles for the Sheriff Squad. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-28 Motion by McBride, seconded by Skoe to approve a Letter of Agreement with Dr. Tim Smith for medical consultation services for County Public Health. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-29 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by McBride adopting a resolution to enter into grant agreement with the State of MN for STIP funds for Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) on SAP 036 623. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-30 Motion by Norby, seconded by Skoe authorizing the Land Commissioner to obtain quotes and execute contracts for park attendants to provide site management at County administered river access points for the Rainy River. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-31 Motion by McBride, seconded by Skoe authorizing the Land Commissioner to seek bids and execute three year contracts for summer park maintenance for eight County parks. Motion carried unanimously. 2017/01-32 Motion by Pavleck, seconded by Skoe to approve five utility and road easements to the County of Koochiching and one utility easement to the City of International Falls on tax-forfeited lands. Motion carried unanimously. 000 The Board Chair called for public comment at 10:40 a.m. Everett Ramsey commented that he lives in Riverside Park and stated the city of Ranier annexed his property without representation. This caused his property taxes to go from $900 to $3,200 per year. Mr. Ramsey read a letter he sent to Koochiching County on December 9, 2011. Kevin Adee Board Chair Jenny Herman Administration Director The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m. A full copy of the minutes is available on the County website at and for public inspection at the County Administration Office during regular business hours. The Journal February 18th, 2017