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Public Notice MINUTES REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 361 Monday, April 18, 2016 - 5:00 p.m. Falls High School Cafeteria PRELIMINARIES: 1.0 CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Michelle Hebner at 5:00 p.m. 2.0 ROLL CALL: Members present were Gordon Dault, Michelle Hebner, Michael Holden, Toni Korpi, Heather McBride, student member Wyatt Amdahl and Superintendent Kevin Grover. Media Present: The Journal 3.0 PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 4.0 PREVIEW & APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Moved by M. Holden, seconded by T. Korpi to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. 5.0 OPEN FORUM: 5.1 April students of the month certificates were presented to Aleisha Mason and Walker Wegner. 5.2 May students of the month certificates were presented to Ruslana Zastavskiy and Tony Moss. 5.3 Declan Lowthian, FHS speech student performed his humorous interpretation piece. 5.4 Public open forum; Doug Franchot, citizen, spoke in concern to Item 6, non-renewal of a probationary teacher. OLD BUSINESS: none NEW BUSINESS: 6.0 Moved by G. Dault, seconded by T. Korpi to Adopt a Resolution for non-renewal of Erin Warren, Probationary Teacher. Aye: G. Dault, M. Hebner, M. Holden, H. McBride Nay: T. Korpi. Motion carried 4-1. 7.0 Moved by M. Holden, seconded by H. McBride to appoint the Superintendent's Administrative Assistant as Clerk for the purposes of running special and general elections. Motion carried. 8.0 Moved by T. Korip, seconded by M. Holden to Adopt the Resolution Calling Special Election to Fill School Board Vacancy. Aye: G. Dault, M. Hebner, M. Holden, H. McBride, T. Korpi. Motion carried. 9.0 Program Consent: Moved by M. Holden, seconded by G. Dault to approve the program consent agenda items as presented. Motion carried. 9.1 Approve donations in the amount of $8585.11 3/17/16 Bronco Track Boosters; Pole Vault$179.00 3/21/16 V-Dac; Industrial Arts Welding Helmets$960.00 3/22/16 4 Anonymous Donors; FHS Band Trip Student Costs$600.00 3/22/16 Bronco Swim Boosters; Swim Timer$1000.00 3/24/16 Bronco Track Boosters; Timing Computer$1033.37 3/24/16 Target Take Charge Of Education; FES$465.58 3/24/16 Box Tops for Education; FES $2225.20 3/31/16 Int'l Falls VFW; FHS PBIS Program$1000.00 3/31/16 Schwan's Cares; FHS PBIS Program$7.39 3/31/16 Perfectly Posh (D Lorenson); FHS Band Trip$69.57 4/11/16 Tru-Star Federal Credit Union; 6th Grade Trip$25.00 4/11/16 Wherley Motors; 6th Grade Trip $75.00 TOTAL $7640.11 2016 Prom Donations UNIVERSITY OF MN - DULUTH; PENDANT$10.00 TIMBERPINS BOWL ; 9 BOWLING GIFT CERTIFICATES $80.00 HAMLINE UNIVERSITY; STOCKING HAT + WATER BOTTLE$10.00 BORDER BOXES; $100 CHECK $100.00 UNION #510; VICTORIA'S SECRET BLANKET/PERFUME$40.00 FARMER'S INSURANCE; GIFT BASKET$50.00 ROTARY CLUB; $500 CHECK $500.00 NORTHERNAIRE HOUSEBOATS; $50 CHECK$50.00 UNION #510; NAIL CARE BASKET $25.00 UNION #510; 4 PERFUME'S + $20 CASH$40.00 UNION #510; BAGALINNI BAG + $20 CASH$40.00 TOTAL $945.00 TOTAL DONATIONS COMBINED $8585.11 9.2 Approve the minutes from the regular meeting of March 21, 2016. 9.3 Approve the bills due and payable amounting to $303,484.54. 9.4 Ratify the 2015-17 Local 510 Master Agreement. 9.5 Approve the Memorandum Of Understanding with Local 331 for participation in the Quality Compensation Program (Q-comp) for the 2016-17 school year. 9.6 Approve the Teacher Development and Evaluation Plan for the 2016-17 school year. 9.7 Approve a non-financial agreement with Kootasca Head Start for collaborative services for early childhood special education for the period of May 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017. 9.8 Approve purchase of a 77 passenger bus in the amount of $102,448.68 through the State purchasing system. 9.9 Authorize a transfer from the district Wells Fargo account to the district MN Trust account in the amount of $1,025,000. 9.10 Appoint Stacy Grover, Business Manager and Tina Besch, Payroll Clerk as backup with authority to perform all banking transactions with scholarship accounts held at Bremer Bank. 9.11 Approve the Honors Online Agreement between Lake Superior College and ISD 361 for the 2016-17 school year. 10.0 Personnel Consent: Moved by G. Dault, seconded by H. McBride to approve the personnel consent agenda items as presented. Motion carried. 10.1 Acknowledge Mike Coffield and Darren Kittelson as volunteer baseball coaches for the 2016 season. 10.2 Accept the resignation due to retirement of Jean Sullivan, Head Cook, with last day of employment May 27, 2016. 10.3 Approve a 2016-18 contract with Kevin Grover, Superintendent. 11.0 Policy Consent: Moved by M. Holden, seconded by T. Korpi to approve policy consent agenda items as presented. Motion carried. 11.1 Adjust Policy 426 At Will summer worker pay rate to $10.00 per hour effective June 1, 2016. REPORTS AND INFORMATION: 12.0 Administrative Reports: 12.1 Dave Gooch, Assistant Principal 12.1.1 Enrollment 608 12.1.2 MCA testing nearing completion 12.1.3 School spirit video was filmed for yearbook 12.1.4 Knowledge Bowl placed 16th at State competition. 12.1.5 Spring Sports week April 25-29; prom April 23rd 12.2 Melissa Tate, Principal 12.2.1 Enrollment 585. 12.2.2 MCA testing is underway 12.2.3 Mr. Peter Foundation grant received for ten Ipads 12.2.4 Kingergarten art show and spring concert on May 6th. 12.3 Kevin Grover, Superintendent 12.3.1 Thank you to Trustar for donation of desks, credenzas and chairs to be placed in district offices and classrooms. 12.3.2 Group formed to promote girls hockey to bring numbers up; will hold a summer skating opportunity 12.3.3 Administrative Salary Committee will meet with At Will Group to discuss salary and benefit concerns. 12.3.4 June 14th meeting for pool mediation. 12.3.5 Voyage Forward Group had area students complete a survey. 12.3.6 Thanks to custodial staff for hard work over past weekend with FHS building full of varied activities. 12.3.7 Koochiching Family Collaborative grant received to combat alcohol and marijuana use at college. Will result in a full-time person hired to run grant and implement in community. 13.0 Committee Reports: 13.1 Student member Wyatt Amdahl reported on FHS activities with student council elections and appointments to happen soon; "Students Make a Difference" group to perform highway cleanup and serve at Backus soup/supper. 14.0 ADJOURNMENT Meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m. Attest: T. Korpi, Clerk Date Approved The Journal May 21st, 2016