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Public Notice MINUTES REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 361 Monday, June 20, 2016 - 5:00 p.m. Falls High School Cafeteria PRELIMINARIES: 1.0 CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Michelle Hebner at 5:00 p.m. 2.0 ROLL CALL: Members present were Michelle Hebner, Michael Holden, Toni Korpi, Heather McBride and Superintendent Kevin Grover. Member absent was Gordon Dault. 3.0 PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 4.0 PREVIEW & APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Moved by M. Holden, seconded by T. Korpi to approve agenda as presented. Motion carried. 5.0 OPEN FORUM: 5.1 Public open forum; none OLD BUSINESS: 6.0 Moved by T. Korpi, seconded by M. Holden to adopt the final 2015-16 revenue and expenditure budgets. Motion carried. 7.0 Moved by M. Holden, seconded by H. McBride to adopt the revised 2016-17 revenue and expenditure budgets. Motion carried. NEW BUSINESS: 8.0 An interview was conducted of candidate Roxanne Skogstad-Ditsch for the interim board member position. 9.0 Resolution Filling School Board Vacancy by Appointment Until Next General Election: Member M. Holden introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: RESOLUTION FILLING SCHOOL BOARD VACANCY BY APPOINTMENT WHEREAS, a vacancy exists in the office of school board member with a term expiring the first Monday in January, 2019; and WHEREAS, the vacancy occurred more than ninety (90) days prior to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in the year the vacancy occurred and prior to the fourth year of the vacant term; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of Independent School District No.361, State of Minnesota, as follows: Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 123B.09, Subd. 5b, Roxanne Skogstad-Ditsch is hereby appointed to fill the vacancy and to serve until a successor is elected and qualified. The appointment shall be effective thirty (30) days after the adoption of this resolution unless a valid petition to reject the appointee is filed with the school district clerk pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 123B.09, Subd. 5b(b) within that thirty (30) day time period. The motion for the adoption of the resolution was duly seconded by Member T. Korpi, and upon voice vote being taken thereon as follows: "Aye" M. Hebner, M. Holden, H. McBride, T. Korpi; "Naye" none, whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted. 10.0 Received the 2018-2027 Long-Term Facility Plan for adoption in July. 10.0 Program Consent: Moved by H. McBride, seconded by T. Korpi to approve the program consent agenda items as presented. Motion carried. 11.1 Approve donations in the amount of $6,745.28 3/30/16 KGHS/KSDM; 4 Twins Game Tickets for After Prom Party $60.00 5/12/16 Education MN of Int'l Falls; 2 Mini Ipads $518.00 5/12/16 Northstar Electric CO-OP; FHS Band Trip $50.00 5/13/16 Degree of Honor #251; Project Read $100.00 6/1/16 Bremer Bank; FHS Band Trip $150.00 5/16/16 Target Take Charge of Education; West End Elementary $80.43 5/16/16 Target Take Charge of Education; Falls High School $338.04 5/17/16 Target Take Charge of Education; Falls Elementary $388.81 5/23/16 Boise Paper; 5 Pallets of Misc Paper $2500.00 5/25/16 Bronco Track Boosters; Volunteer Track Coach $2500.00 5/25/16 Outdoorsman Headquarters; Crankbaits for PBIS Fishing Trip $60.00 TOTAL $6745.28 11.2 Approve the minutes from the regular meeting of May 16, 2016 and the special meeting of May 31, 2016. 11.3 Approve the bills due and payable amounting to $329,564.07 11.4 Approve the Agreement between RRCC and ISD 361 for the 2016-17 Post-Secondary Education Option Program. 11.5 Approve a Concurrent Enrollment Agreement with Lake Superior College for history courses for the 2016-17 school year. 11.6 Approve membership in the MREA program for 2016-17 in the amount of $2,278.00. 11.7 Approve the non-financial Agreement between ISD 361 and Koochiching County Health and Human Services for collaboration of services between Agency Social Worker and school Social Worker. 11.8 Approve the Amended Agreement to Establish, Implement and Operate #6091-50 Education Innovation Partners Cooperative Center. 11.9 Approve the Professional Service Agreement between Northland Counseling Center and ISD 361 for the period of the execution date through July 30, 2017. 11.10 Approve the Letter of Engagement from CliftonLarsonAllen LLP for audit services for FY16. 11.11 Approve the use of district property by the International Falls Fire Department for the July 4, fireworks display. 11.12 Approve the purchase of a used bus from United Truck Body Co. Inc. in the amount of $8,791.40. 11.13 Accept the 2016-17 rates for property, liability and workers' compensation insurance. 12.0 Personnel Consent: Moved by M. Holden, seconded by H. McBride to approve the personnel consent agenda items as presented. Motion carried. 12.1 Approve the hire of Vicky Steinbach as Head Cook effective August 29, 2016 and pursuant to the Master Agreement between ISD 361 and Local 510. 12.2 Approve the hire of the following student summer workers: Dylan Holt Ashley Jonson Levi Skogstad Walker Wegner 12.3 Accept the resignation of Rachel Morrison as a paraprofessional effective May 26, 2016. 13.0 CLOSED SESSION: The meeting will be closed as permitted by Minnesota Statutes, section 13D.05 to discuss settlement options involving a pending litigation from the FHS pool project. Moved by H. McBride, seconded by T. Korpi to close the meeting at 5:30 p.m. to discuss pending litigation. Motion carried. 14.0 Moved by M. Holden, seconded by H. McBride to reopen the meeting at 5:47 p.m. Motion carried. 15.0 Moved by M. Holden, seconded by H. McBride to approve settlement payments for the 2012 pool project claim and any possible future litigation in amounts as follows: $22,868 amount withheld from original bid for project completion $22,132 mediation settlement cost Motion carried. REPORTS AND INFORMATION: 16.0 Administrative Reports: 16.1 Kevin Grover, Superintendent 16.1.1 MSHSL "Why We Play" training video was viewed. 16.1.2 Superintendent Grover outlined 2016-17 goals. 17.0 Committee Reports: none 18.0 ADJOURNMENT Moved by M. Holden, seconded by H. McBride to adjourn the meeting at 6:29 p.m. Motion carried. Attest: T. Korpi, Clerk Date Approved The Journal July 23rd, 2016