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Public Notice REGULAR MEETING OF THE KOOCHICHING COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Held on Tuesday, January 3, 2017; 9:30 a.m. MEMBERS PRESENT: Commissioners Adee, Norby, Skoe, McBride MEMBERS ABSENT: Pavleck (County Business) . 2017/01-05 Motion by Skoe, seconded by Norby to award the 2017 legal publication bid to the Journal with a 4% rate increase from 2016 rates; to authorize the publishing of County Board meeting minutes in summary form in the official newspaper as allowed under M.S. 375.12 and M.S. 331A.01 and authorize the publishing of the minute summaries, an insert of the first printing of the delinquent tax list, a summary of the county financial statement and a summary of the annual County Budget in the Northome newspaper with a 8% rate increase from 2016 due to this area being outside the distribution area of the awarded official newspaper. Voting yes: Adee, Norby, Skoe, McBride. Motion carried. The Journal January 7th, 2017