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Public Notice SPECIAL MEETING AS CANVASSING BOARD November 13, 2018 The City of International Falls City Council convened a special meeting as Canvassing Board held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, at the hour of 2:05 P.M. MEMBERS PRESENT: Councilors Droba, Jaksa, Krause and Mayor Anderson MEMBERS ABSENT: Councilor Briggs OTHERS PRESENT: Betty Bergstrom, Deputy City Administrator; Steve Shermoen, City Attorney; and Ken Anderson, City Administrator The following total votes were cast in the ballots tabulated for the municipal offices in the November 6, 2018 General Election and Absentee Ballots were presented to the Canvassing Board by Deputy City Administrator Betty Bergstrom: OFFICE EAST WARD CENTER WARD WEST WARD TOTAL Councilor East Ward Leon Ditsch 364 364 Billy Bright 280 280 Councilor Center Ward Joseph Krause, Jr. 517 517 Councilor West Ward Walt Buller 522 522 Roger Jackson 370 370 City Question 1 "Shall the City of International Falls, Minnesota, be authorized to impose a sales and use tax of one percent (1%) to finance transportation and public infrastructure projects?" YES 381 3396601380 NO 275 259284 818 The tally sheets were reviewed by the Canvassing Board. Upon review and consideration of the tally sheets for the three (3) voting Wards of the City, presented by the Deputy City Administrator, and canvassing of the returns, the consensus of the City Council as the Canvassing Board is to accept the returns. MOTION by Councilor Krause to accept and approve the number of votes cast for the November 6, 2018 general election results for each of the three Wards as attached; and furthermore, hereby declare Leon Ditsch as Councilor-elect East Ward, Joseph Krause, Jr. as Councilor-elect Center Ward, and Walt Buller as Councilor-elect West Ward. Motion seconded by Councilor Jaksa and carried unanimously. The Abstract and Return of Votes Cast certification document was distributed for signing and all members present of the City Council executed the document (see attached). There were presented affidavits of posting of a Notice of Election held in accordance with the resolutions adopted on August 6, 2018 and/or September 17, 2018, authorizing said election to vote on the question of imposing a sales and use tax for the purpose of defraying the expense of the transportation and infrastructure projects. Said affidavits and returns were duly examined, approved and ordered placed on file in the office of the City Administrator. Councilor Krause introduced the following resolution in writing and moved its adoption: RESOLUTION NO. 71-18 RESOLUTION CANVASSING RETURNS OF ELECTION BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of International Falls, Minnesota, that it is hereby found, determined and declared as follows: The election on a question held in and for said City on November 6, 2018, was in all respects duly and legally called and held and the returns thereof have been duly canvassed, and the votes cast at said election for and against the following question were as follows: "Shall the City of International Falls, Minnesota, be authorized to impose a sales and use tax of one percent (1%) to finance transportation and infrastructure projects?" Votes YES 1,380 Votes NO 818 Spoiled or Blank Ballots 0 Total Ballots 2,198 and said proposition, having received the approval of a majority of the votes cast thereon, is hereby declared to have carried. Adopted on November 13, 2018, by the International Falls City Council. Mayor ATTEST: City Administrator The motion for the adoption of the foregoing Resolution was duly seconded by Councilor Jaksa and, upon a vote being taken thereon, the following members voted in favor thereof: Councilors Droba, Krause, Jaksa and Mayor Anderson, and the following voted against the same: None. Whereupon said Resolution was declared duly passed and adopted. Betty Bergstrom publicly thanked all the election judges and staff for their good work and dedication during the election. Mayor Anderson affirmed the Council's thanks and appreciation to Ms. Bergstrom, judges and staff. Administrator Anderson also recognized Ms. Bergstrom and Emma Rud for their support and coordination of election activities with Bob Peterson, Koochiching County Auditor. Certificates of election will be issued to the following Councilors-elect when the deadline date for contesting elections has passed: Councilor East Ward Leon Ditsch Councilor Center Ward Joseph Krause, Jr. Councilor West Ward Walt Buller Mayor Anderson adjourned the Canvassing Board meeting at 2:21 P.M. Robert W. Anderson, Mayor ATTEST: Kenneth R. Anderson, City Administrator Attachment: 2018 General Election for City of International Falls, Original Abstract and Return of the Votes Cast. The Journal December 8th, 2018