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Public Notice The following is a summary of the operating budget for the 2018 calendar year for Koochiching County. This summary is published in accordance with Minn. Stat. 375.169. The detail of the County budget is on file in the Administration Office at the Koochiching County Courthouse, Intl Falls, MN, and may be reviewed during normal business hours. 2018 KOOCHICHING COUNTY SUMMARY BUDGET STATEMENT: REVENUES: County portion of tax levy$ 4,065,468 State paid portion of tax levy$ 212,132 Total Tax Levy$ 4,277,600 Other taxes/penalty$ 350,500 License/Permit$ 10,000 Interest on Investments$ 220,000 Other Income/Revenue$ 465,600 Dedicated Income/Revenue$ 4,018,312 Intergovernmental - Categorical/Dedicated$ 20,440,245 - General Purpose$ 3,894,341 Other Sources: Land/Timber Apportionment$ 1,460,000 Transfers $ 333,751 Fund Reserves$ 812,410 TOTAL REVENUE/OTHER SOURCES$ 36,070,627 EXPENDITURES: General Government$ 4,144,201 Public Safety$ 3,074,647 Road and Bridge$ 6,291,279 Human Services$ 5,817,376 Culture/Recreation$ 257,734 Conservation/Environmental$ 14,538,075 Debt Service - Sewer$ 321,406 Economic Development$ 226,763 Solid Waste$ 1,399,146 TOTAL EXPENDITURES/OTHER USES$ 36,070,627 The Journal January 6th, 2018