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Koochiching County
CP 2020-04
BIDS CLOSE: Monday, Sept 14th, 2020, at 2:00 pm, local time
NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS: Sealed proposals will be received by
the Board of County Commissioners of Koochiching County, Int’l.
Falls, Minnesota until Monday, Sept. 14th, 2020, at 2:00 pm,
local time at the office of the County Auditor/Treasurer in the
Koochiching County Courthouse 715 4th Street Int’l. Falls,
Minnesota 56649 at which time they will be opened and read
publicly for the following:
Project Designation: Bituminous Surfacing
Project Location:
UT 461, Approx .5 mile section from CR 96 intersection north.
UT 342, (Bid Alternate) North and south sections extending from
UT 461 Intersections
Major Project Quantities include:
--appx. 1,626 TONS Bituminous (Base Bid)
--appx. 433 TONS Bituminous (Bid Alternates)
Project Completion Date: All work required under this Contract,
shall be completed prior to October 16, 2020, unless modified by
the Engineer with a written Contract Extension.
Proposals, Plans and Specifications are available at:
Koochiching County Highway Department
715 4th Street, Int’l. Falls, MN 56449
Phone 218 283-6743
Cost for Plans: Cost of 1 set of plans and proposals is $75
(Minnesota State Sales Tax Included). There is no cost for
electronic plans/proposals; electronic plans/proposals are available
at or
(218) 283-6743 or email to
Bidder’s Bond: Bids must be accompanied by a certified check or
bidder’s bond made payable to the Treasurer of Koochiching County
in an amount not less than 5% of the total bid.
Bid shall be plainly marked on the exterior of the containing
envelope: “CP 2020-04 UT 461 Overlay; Letting Date, 2:00 pm on
Monday September 14th, 2020”.
The County Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to
waive irregularities and informalities therein, and to award the
contract in the best interests of Koochiching County.
Dated at International Falls, Minnesota ……………August 13, 2020
Trent Nicholson, Koochiching County Highway Asst. Engineer
218-283-1187 or