Details for PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given


Notice is hereby given that the City of International Falls (“City”)
will accept proposals for professional services for the review and
development of an updated job classification and compensation system
study that meets all Federal and State compensation standards. This
Request for Proposals (RFP) describes the information required from
all consultants and the criteria the City will use in making its selection
of a consultant to perform this work. It also describes the requirements
the successful consultant will be required to conform to in preparing
its study recommendations. Acceptable proposals must comply with the
provisions in the section titled Proposal Format and Submissions. The
RFP may be found at
All proposals shall be submitted not later than Noon on Friday,
March 19, 2021 in sealed packaging that is clearly identified as
the “Proposal for Professional Services – Job Classification and
Compensation System Study” for the City of International Falls,
Minnesota. The submittal shall consist of eight (8) hard copies of the
proposal, one (1) electronic copy in pdf format, and one (1) electronic
copy in Microsoft Word format. The proposals should be forwarded to
the City at the respective U. S. Mail and e-mail address listed as follows:
Betty Bergstrom, Deputy City Administrator
City of International Falls
600 4th Street
International Falls, MN 56649
At the discretion of the City of International Falls, firms submitting
proposals may be requested to make oral presentations as part of
the evaluation process. An invitation to present the proposal may be
provided by April 6, 2021 to those firm(s) selected to interview with
the City Council. Presentations of proposals may then be made to the
City Council on April 12, 2021. The award of a contract is anticipated
to be made by the City Council at the April 19, 2021 meeting. The City
reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive nonmaterial
irregularities or deviations from RFP instructions, negotiate terms
and conditions, and to select the consultant with the proposal that
represents the best approach to meet City needs.
Prior to the submission of proposals to the City Council, the City
of International Falls reserves the right, where it may serve the City’s
best interests, to request additional information or clarifications
from consultants, or to allow for RFP modifications due to errors or
omissions. Inquiries or clarifications should be directed in writing via
e-mail to the City contact listed above.