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Why Representative Rob Ecklund for another term?
Rob has been our Representative since 2015. Rob did not waste anytime once elected. He championed
broadband expansion for rural Minnesota. His record with our veterans is impeccable. Rob was the leading
force in fighting chronic wasting disease threatening our white tailed deer population.
This year our world has been turned upside down with the Covid pandemic. Every person in Rob's district is
affected in some way. Job loss, businesses being ordered closed, bridge to Canada closed, Voyageurs National
Park closed, businesses in our community damaged, schools closed. There is more.
Through this time Representative Ecklund has never dodged a call or having to deal with extremely difficult
decisions being made that impact his district in negative ways.
I learned that if I ever had to have a person join me in a fox hole Rob would be the first choice after my brother.
He gave great advice and guidance even though some of the guidance did not make some people happy.
Rob has exhibited great leadership in the worst situation our state has ever faced.
- Bill Dougherty

Keeping Greater
Minnesota Competitive
Rob is expanding broadband
access to help our rural
communities compete for
new jobs and diversify
our economy.

Defending Workers
No matter the industry, Rob
fights to ensure our hard working
people earn a living wage,
have quality & affordable
health care, and can enjoy a
secure retirement.

Getting Veterans to Work
Rob chairs the Veterans Affairs
committee and is a U.S. Marines
veteran himself. He has helped make
career opportunities a reality for
veterans when they leave
the service.

Mail ballots are available now for everyone. Visit to request yours. Or vote in-person on
Election Day, Nov. 3rd.
(218) 341-6133 I |



Paid for by the committee to re-elect Rob Ecklund. Treasurer Dave Peterson 2823 Crescent Drive, International Falls, MN 56649