When Jill Bradburn moved her new business into the building that had a boat on top of it, she said that would be the first thing to go.

But when clients realized Beyond Aesthetics, 3426 County Road 21, was located in the building with the boat sticking out of the roof, they knew exactly where to find it.

“We're in the boat house,” Bradburn and her staff said with a laugh last week. “So, it's staying.”

Beyond Aesthetics is a skin studio and day spa that offers advanced aesthetic services, nail care, a serenity float pod, spray and UV tanning, and a hyrdo-therapy message bed. Many of the features are new to the community, and are so far receiving good feedback.

“Appointments are booked a few weeks out,” said Bradburn, owner of the business. “People are really liking what we have to offer.”

Bradburn, a native of Littlefork, moved back to Borderland from the Twin Cities about four years ago and landed a job as an esthetician at Amp Salon with the help of Stephanie Olson.

“She is the one who got me on board with Amp and took me in,” Bradburn said of Olson. “I needed to work under somebody, she's the one who gave me that opportunity.”

While she loved Amp, Bradburn said she wanted to expand her services and outgrew her space at the Third Street salon.

“So I started looking for a place,” she said. “I looked for about a year... I had a vision of what I wanted. There was a lot of sleepless nights.”

When the building on County Road 21 was secured, Bradburn and her mother started designing the new space, which needed a face lift.

“We took masking tape and taped off every room,” she said. “There was pretty much one wall in the whole building. Danny (Wendt, of Wendt Construction) had to start from square one... It wouldn't be done as fast as it was without Dan. He's my brother-in-law and he really sped up the process.”

Officially open Aug. 1, Beyond Aesthetics employs four people in addition to Bradburn, including Kelly Pozniak, Tylyn Nault, Donna Gedney and Jennifer Horne. Alannah Franko, who joined Bradburn from Amp Salon, rents space in the building to offer nail care services.

“This is a great team,” Bradburn said. “Everyone makes things runs so smoothly.”

In addition to the group Beyond Aesthetics employs, the client base also makes the business what it is.

“I have very loyal clients,” Bradburn said. “Both in town and Fort Frances clients... I would say about half my clients are from Canada.”

Looking toward the future, Bradburn is excited for Beyond Aesthetics and the role it will play in the community.

“Come check us out,” she said. “We have a little something for everyone.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 218-540-0149.

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