A new Third Street business has spent the last month giving Borderland a fresh boost.

Border Boost, an Herbalife nutrition club that offers meal replacement protein shakes, herbal energy teas and more, opened its doors mid-July, and has been busy ever since.

“It's been great,” said Cheryl Bocnuk, who runs the business with her daughter, Lacey. “The community has been so welcoming.”

The mother-daughter duo decided to open Border Boost after Lacey had experience working at the Herbalife nutrition club in Grand Rapids, which was the second of its kind to open in Minnesota in 2008.

“Back then, we looked at maybe coming up here,” said Cheryl, a 1979 graduate of Falls High School, about starting a club in International Falls.

Someone else opened a local Herbalife club about eight years ago, however, it wasn't successful. 

Flash forward to 2019: there are clubs all over the state and around the country.

“There's so much support for the nutrition clubs across Minnesota right now,” Cheryl said. “There's well over 100 of them... The support system and how to start a club is so different now than it was eight to 10 years ago.”

The idea to bring Border Boost to International Falls starting taking shape, and the women said everything fell into place.

“I'm showing mom the ropes,” Lacey said, with a smile.

Cheryl nodded. “She can make shakes faster than me.”

The family affair continues with the help of Benji, Cheryl's son and Lacey's brother, who also helps out at Border Boost.

“So far, it's been great,” Cheryl said. “We're really enjoying what we're doing.”

How it works

When customers visit Border Boost, they fill out an order ticket, which includes their tea and shake order along with their phone number and email address.

Cheryl clarified the contact information is a requirement of Herbalife to document members, and no calls or emails will be made or sent.

“Basically, if you place an order, you're a member of the club,” Cheryl said.

An order includes a shot of aloe, a tea and a meal replacement shake.

The shot of aloe helps with digestion, the tea offers a metabolism boost and the shake replaces a meal. There are about 10 flavors of teas and 32 shakes to choose from. 

“Your tea flavor doesn't have to match your shake,” Lacey said. “They're two completely different things.”

Cheryl said even though their time open has been short, they already have regular customers. 

“People seem excited about this,” she said. “They liked when the club was in town about eight years ago and they're happy to have it back... We're happy, too... It's a healthy, fast, nutritious way to snack or have a meal replacement.”

Border Boost is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located at 328 Third St. For more information, or to call in an order, Border Boost can be reached at 218-373-0217.

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