International Falls

The International Falls City Council Monday agreed to allow Daniel W. Olson, County Road 120, owner of Voyagers E-Bike Rental and Tours, to use city property west of Voyageurs National Park Headquarters, to locate a storage and recharging trailer.

The site would serve as the base for bike rentals and bike tours.

The agreement requires Olson to add the city to his insurance policy to keep the city from being held liable for any of his actions.

Olson said the location keeps people on the same side of Highway 11 as the bike trail and has ample parking.

VNP Superintendent Bob DeGross told the council Monday he felt it was a great opportunity for Olson, visitors to the area and local communities.

He asked the council to be mindful of the need for VNP staff and visitor parking around the headquarters building, and asked that Olson provide a visible and reliable contact telephone number on the trailer should any issues arise for people renting bikes.

Administrator Ken Anderson provided background information, noting Olson wants to start May 16 and that he plans to offer two tandem bikes and 12 electric bikes, as well as tours to local sites.

Under the agreement, Anderson reminded the council that the property is public and would be used by a private for profit business.

Councilors said they believed bike rental would be a positive attraction and compliment to the area.

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