Frostbite Finds Thrift Store

Frostbite Finds Thrift Store closed its doors in Sept. 2019.

Frostbite Finds thrift store is going out of business after five years of serving the International Falls community.

Frostbite Finds, 2232 Second Ave. E. was a project of KOOTASCA Community Action. The goal of the store has been to generate funding for community and youth services in Koochiching County, while providing job and skills training services for low-income clients and affordable second hand goods for the community. Unfortunately, while Frostbite Finds has had a strong spring and summer season this year, sales were down in 2017 and 2018.

“Ultimately, if the store is not profitable, it is not able to support needed services in our community and diverts resources from our community services, so the decision was made to close the store and refocus resources,” said Isaac Meyer, planning and development director. “KOOTASCA Community Action’s goal is to serve our community as best we can. Knowing how much the store means to clients, donors, and our regular shoppers, we’re sad to see this community resource close.”

Hoping to keep this resource in the community, a news release said KOOTASCA explored a number of other options to keep the store running, including donating it wholly to other nonprofits in the area. However, for those nonprofit partners approached, the store wasn't the right fit for their operations.

“We are still hopeful another nonprofit may step forward with an interest in taking up operations,” Meyer said.

Although the thrift store is closing, KOOTASCA’s services — including Head Start and utility assistance — are still be available and uninterrupted at the 2232 Second Ave. E. office in International Falls.

Frostbite Finds is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Everything in store is 50 percent off.

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