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The Fort Frances mill could be the site of a large-scale cannabis operation, said Riversedge Development, which owns the mill.

Riversedge Developments and its partner report they are exploring the viability of large-scale cannabis production at the former Fort Frances pulp and paper mill.

“Working to overcome the volatility of the pulp and paper market, Riversedge Developments has conducted an extensive audit of the sites assets and its potential to attract alternative growth industries,” Riversedge said in a news release. “Presented with the cheapest power in the province, water intake permits, and wastewater treatment capacity, coupled with low-pressure biomass generated steam and the free CO2 (carbon dioxide) it generates, the site is competitively positioned for large-scale cannabis production.”

The release said the proposed location is situated in the middle of Canada with a recognizably skilled labor pool, the Fort Frances, Rainy River, district has both logistical and human resource advantages attractive to the industry.

“Riversedge Developments is proud to be working with world-renowned cannabis production partners that can put the site’s infrastructure, assets, and human resources back to work,” the release said.

Riversedge Developments is a restorative development company specializing in the integrated revitalization of industrial properties.

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