Paddle board

Aaron Nordrum and his son enjoy time on a paddle board. Nordrum and his girlfriend, Nicole Harju, recently started Rainy Lake Aquatics, which offers kayak and paddle board rentals.

A new Rainy Lake business offers another way to experience the northern Minnesota lake.

Rainy Lake Aquatics, owned by Aaron Nordrum and Nicole Harju, offers paddle board and kayak rentals and aims to give people another way to access the lake.

“We love to spend our summers outside especially after such long winters,” the couple told The Journal. “With everything going on this year and not a lot of options for getting out and doing things, we wanted to help out the people that don’t normally have the means to get out on the lake. We live in an area that has so much to offer in terms of the outdoors but a lot of it is hard to do if you don’t have equipment... this seemed to be the best way we could find to help our community.”

Nordrum works in the mental health field and said he knows how beneficial it can be to get outdoors.

“We have a passion for the outdoors and want to bring some happiness to people in these questionable times,” he said.

Starting up

The idea to start the business is relatively new, the couple said. Once they decided to offer the rentals, they ordered the equipment and started renting it out just over a week ago.

“Rentals have been really busy so far,” they said. “The pandemic thankfully doesn’t affect our business too much, but we do make sure to clean and sanitize everything between uses.”

For now, Rainy Lake Aquatics is based out of the couple’s garage, and they’re meeting renters at Loony’s dock in Ranier.

“We’re hoping to get approval to set up at both beaches this summer to offer on-site rentals,” they said. “We want to give everyone the opportunity to use them when they want. Our goal is an empty garage every weekend and we are keeping our prices really low to help that happen.”

For more information, find Rainy Lake Aquatics on Facebook or call 218-216-7885.

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