New business owners

Emily Nicholson, left, and Kathi Henrickson, pose for a photo outside of their new business, Northern Skin Rejuvenation, located at 444 Fourth St. in International Falls.

After more than two years of planning and hard work, two local women have opened a new business in Borderland.

Northern Skin Rejuvenation, a non-surgical medical spa, is owned and operated by Kathi Henrickson, advanced practice registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner; and Emily Nicholson, physician assistant – certified. The 444 Fourth St. business offers services including body contouring, skin rejuvenation, cosmetic laser treatments, and injectable services including neuromodulators – botox type injections – and dermal fillers.

“So far, this has been so much fun and so rewarding to be able to offer this for our community,” Nicholson said. “We’ve been working on this for two years, and to see it finally coming to fruition is surreal.”

Both women said they have an interest in skin-related care, and Henrickson said she approached Nicholson about opening the business and investing in the community.

“I’ve been interested in doing skin care for quite some time, specifically laser treatments,” Henrickson said. “About two years ago, I approached Emily to see if she’d be interested in doing something like this.”

With both on board, the women spent the next 24 months securing and renovating the Fourth Street location, while getting certificated in aesthetic injections and cosmetic laser services.

“The safety of our clients is extremely important,” Nicholson said. “That is why those certifications were necessary for us.”

Positive feedback

Northern Skin Rejuvenation officially opened in June, and since then, the women said feedback has been positive.

“People have been driving out-of-town for these kinds of services, so (for) others who haven’t done that, this is relatively a new concept for some,” Nicholson said of the business’ services.

Before any appointment, Northern Skin Rejuvenation clients will meet with Henrickson or Nicholson for a free consultation to ensure the services they are seeking meet their needs.

“It allows us to discuss concerns about what services the client is looking for and what might be helpful to them,” Nicholson said. “There is no obligation to do anything... At least the client knows what we can offer, what the price point would be and how many sessions it will take.”

Henrickson said photos are taken at each appointment to help track progress.

“People do forget,” she said. “They like to track their progress.”

By appointment

Making an appointment at Northern Skin Rejuvenation can be done online on the business’ Facebook page or by calling 218-373-0201.

For now, office hours are by appointment only, so the women urge clients to leave a message when calling the number.

“Since we’re not always here, and it is a landline, most likely we will not answer the phone,” Nicholson said. “People can just leave a message, and we do get back to them.”

Henrickson said they’re willing to work with clients to accommodate appointment needs.

“We’re flexible,” she said. “We will do what we can to make it work... We’re both so excited about this.”

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