Hailey and Erik Silvers say they have come full circle, in a number of ways, with the April opening of their Snap Fitness in a new facility at 10 Shorewood Drive.

It's inside the building they fell in love years ago, and it's the place they plan to be into the future.

“When it finally works, you feel like you are on the right path,” Hailey said. “This really feels like such a perfect place and where we are supposed to end up.”

They were ready to make the move and start what they thought would be among their busiest seasons in November. And then Minnesota's COVID-19 cases began to rise, and the state imposed a four-week pause on social activities, in-person dining, sports, and fitness establishments.

The pandemic slowed the process of obtaining, remodeling and moving in to the new site, and made it difficult to keep the existing gym open, but the couple tried to look for positive solutions and consider some of the time as an opportunity.

The new Snap Fitness gym and fitness center has been open for a couple weeks, and was a bustling place on the day the couple talked about it with The Journal.

The new site includes studio space where classes can be held, other trainers can work, and clients can find some quiet time. It also includes a locker room and showers, tanning beds, a large fresh air exchange, and more work out machines, among other amenities.

Client Punky Stadum, walked a nearby treadmill, barely breathing hard.

“It's wonderful,” she told a news reporter about the new site. “It's bigger, it's got locker rooms. I love it.”

Her comments supported the Snap opening.

“We were having such an out pour from our members, we put aside some cosmetic stuff to get them back in,” Eric said of the opening.

Eric, who teaches Yoga, notes Hailey is a personal trainer and credits her with much of the success of and plans for the business.

“She has been the heart and story behind this the whole time,” Eric said, while Hailey moved through the building, baby Mila on her hip, giving a tour to clients.

“I want a place where people can come now and in the future,” he said. “We're placing all our bets on it. It was a scary year. We watched other clubs close in other areas... The fitness industry kind of got forgotten. I am so happy for any of the clubs in town that are still hanging in there. What we are providing is truly valuable. This is part of the health care industry.”

Hailey said the plan and vision began prior to the pandemic. Offers were made and she said they felt lucky that even with the gym closed due to the pandemic, they were continuing to move forward with the plan to move to the new site and be able to offer more amenities to clients.

Life has changed a little bit since then, she said. As a result of the pandemic, many more people seem to understand the need to work toward better health, the couple said.

Making that easily accessible to people is important, Eric said, because health is cultivated on a daily basis, and cannot truly be improved with a fast fix pill or other quick remedy.

“Long-lasting real health is individualized, so we have classes and different machines that can be tailored to different ability levels” he said.

Hailey said the gym's opening coincided with people's desire reemerge from the pandemic, get out and get healthy.

“It's been just the last couple weeks people are getting back to routines, it's been a whole year, people are ready, and we're heading into summer, and people have been vaccinated and numbers are coming down, so it's like a really good time,” she said.

She said it's obvious clients, as well as herself, have missed the socialization part of the fitness center. “It's not just the work out, but seeing people and I think you value it even more now than a year ago,” she said.