Rainy Lake Medical Center

After nearly a year of negotiations, nurses at Rainy Lake Medical Center have reached a three-year contract agreement with management.

Kelly Millerbernd, RLMC marketing and foundation coordinator, said the two sides had been negotiating on and off for 11 months, and RLMC was notified by the Minnesota Nurses Association the contract had been ratified.

“We reached a fair settlement that ensures nurses continue to provide quality care to our patients,” bargaining unit co-chair Sarah Arch said in a news release. “As we said to the community and management during negotiations, our contract keeps patients safe. When nurses can exercise their professional judgment and advocate for patients, everyone wins.”

Millerbernd said the agreement is fair to both parties.

“It took a long time to arrive an acceptable contract but the negotiators remained professional on both sides which allowed for very clear understanding at the content of new language which will allow for a smooth transition into the future,” Millerbernd said. “We are looking forward to continue working with our registered nurses to provide the best quality of care to our patients and our community.”

“The community’s support was key for reaching a fair contract and was greatly appreciated,” bargaining unit co-chair Wendy Sutch said in the news release. “The signs posted in businesses, homes and car windows throughout the community show the public understands the important role that nurses play in patient care and safety.”