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Rainy River Community College this week launched a new campaign with an incentive to former students.

The “Finish What You Started” campaign aims to encourage former RRCC students who didn’t finish college to return to the International Falls college and finish their degree. The RRCC Foundation is providing financial support to award a $500 scholarship to qualifying candidates as an incentive to return to finish their degree.

“The Rainy River Community College Foundation is excited to partner with the college on such an important initiative,” said Foundation Executive Director Anne Homkes. “An investment in the education of our community members is an investment in our larger community. By helping reduce the financial barrier that so often prevents individuals from finishing their degree, the Finish What You Started campaign offers the opportunity for people to invest in themselves and their education which in turn opens up doors to higher-skilled, better-paying positions. This bolsters up the workforce of so many of our local businesses, provides individuals with more financial stability for themselves and their loved ones, and creates the opportunity for reinvestment in our community. The ripple effects are almost endless.”

According to the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce (The College Payoff) an individual will make more than $400,000 more in a lifetime if they earn an associate degree versus stopping after graduating high school.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, RRCC has adapted to both provide an education in the safest environment possible as well as maintaining the quality of instruction and continuing to meet the needs of students, officials said in a news release.

“RRCC has always been known for its quality of education and superb student service being delivered in person,” said RRCC Director of Operations Brad Krasaway. “The pandemic has forced us outside our comfort zone and motivated us to provide that same great education and provide excellent student support in alternative formats.”

For the first time, RRCC is now offering the majority of its courses in alternative formats. These formats are much more accessible for individuals who have a family, work, or are otherwise unable to regularly come to campus for class, the release said. A blended/hybrid format includes some instruction that can be online and some instruction that will be in class/face-to-face. A HyFlex format includes instruction that is offered in-class but also with remote options and completely online/Zoom.

For more information, contact admissions at or 218-285-7722 for more information.

The college offers in-person, Zoom or Facetime appointments to meet with advising staff.

Rainy River Community College, located in International Falls, is a member of the Northeast Higher Education District (NHED) and the Minnesota State system.