Icebox Radio Theater (copy) (copy)

The Icebox Radio Theater, or IBRT, will present a live broadcast originating from a socially distanced version of their studios as a way of keeping live theater alive in the time of COVID-19.

The broadcast will take place at 8 p.m. Friday. On the program will be two original plays, a new edition of the IBRT’s horror series “The Winter Warlock” and a world premiere episode from the IBRT’s comedy/mystery series, “Lance Manely: Library Detective.” Both stories were written by IBRT artistic director Jeffrey Adams especially for this event.

The broadcast is designed for the IBRT to perform live in a way that is safe for both the actors and the audience. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the IBRT has had to cancel two live performances and a major holiday fundraiser. This event is a way for the theater to continue live performance.

Actors will be placed in different rooms around the IBRT headquarters to ensure safety. Rehearsals will take place online to further ensure that the virus will not be a problem with this production. Unlike similar productions mounted by theater groups around the country during the pandemic, the IBRT’s system will feature no ‘Zoom lag’ to ensure a true live experience for the listening audience. Adams recommends listening via a Bluetooth-equipped cellphone connected to a speaker, preferably one of the retro-inspired designs on the market.

“It’s the closest thing to listening to real old-time radio drama,” Adams said.

For the audience, the program will be viewable as a Facebook Live video, and also available at the Icebox Radio Workshop feed on spreaker. A direct link to the show will be posted at The program is free.