betty turkey bowls

Betty Tomerlin tosses a turkey toward the pins before a group of onlookers. Tomerlin is formerly from the Falls but visited from Maple Grove for Icebox Days.


Chili cook-off contestants gives out samples of their chili at Backus Community Center.

group of turkey bowlers

A group of enthusiastic turkey bowlers.

husky snow sculpture

A child admires a snow sculpture of a husky, one of the two sculptures that tied for first place.

smoosh team falls

Spectators react as a smoosh team hits the ground.

small spectators

Callie and Jakob Wise take a seat in the snow to watch the toilet seat toss outside of the Viking Bar.

toilet seat

Meredith Freshley of Duluth throws a toilet seat lid during the toilet seat toss outside of the Viking Bar.

three neon teams

Three colored coordinated teams compete in the first round of smoosh races.

young turkey bowler

A young turkey bowler goes for a strike.

rrcc smoosh

A Rainy River Community College smoosh team takes a tumble.

smoosh boards

Smoosh boards sit ready at the starting line.

smoosh babes loses 2

Team “Smoosh Babes, Eh?” makes its way to the finish line, two members short.

toilet seat wide

A woman tries out a unique technique in the toilet seat toss.

stan and betty

Stan and Betty Tomerlin pose with their vintage Icebox Days gear outside of Backus Community Center. The two used to live in the Falls, have since moved to Maple Grove, and now come back to town for Icebox Days.

winning smoosh

A smoosh team shuffles its way toward victory.

bundled up dog

A bundled-up pooch watches the smoosh races. 

smoosh babes

A smoosh team from Canada shuffles through the snow. The side of their smoosh board read, "Smoosh Babes, Eh?"


The Koochiching County Museums had 40 years of Icebox Days history on display at the Backus Community Center.

silver smoosh

A smoosh team dressed silver and neon rounds a traffic cone. 

nancy turkey bowls

A woman attempts turkey bowling for the first time.

smoosh spectators

Spectators wrapped in a Canadian flag watch the smoosh races. 

raised mittens

Team members raise their mittens in the air after their first round win. 

crowd fire

A crowd gathers around a fire outside of the Viking Bar to watch the toilet seat toss and smoosh races. 

stan turkey bowls

Stan Thomerlin hurls a frozen turkey toward a set of pins outside of Backus.

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