Looking Back

Saturday, March 28

15 years ago

Winter still has its icy grip on Rainy Lake, but in some spots, Borderland residents may be treading on thin ice. “In the next couple weeks, I would imagine the ice would deteriorate pretty fast,” said Chuck Remus, Voyageurs National Park ranger. “The conditions are still good, as far as ice goes, and it’s not pulling away from the snow line yet.” While they say that the lake is still safe for snowmobiles and fish houses, park officials say the vehicle ice roads are closed.

25 years ago

To celebrate Women’s History Month: Imagine, for a moment, what International Falls would be like today if there were no community college here. Would we miss the payroll dollars most or the cultural contributions the college brings to the community? Where would we have to go for dance lessons, drawing classes, computer workshops, theatre productions, health care training? Think of the many people who would never have moved here to enrich and enliven the town. Without the drive and determination of Lillian Shaw and the people she rallied to her cause, Rainy River Community College would certainly have been sited in some other town. The story of the establishment of the community college is only one facet of Lillian Shaw, who was a charming, loving, multi-talented woman. But it is an instructive story because it models so well the role women have played in the development of our culture. The story is Lillian’s story as she told it to Mary Hilke and Layna Johnson in a 1968 interview. The full text can be found at the historical museum.

40 years ago

Site clearing began this week for 80 housing units that will be built across from the Shorewood Apartments and the Northland Day Activity Center. The complex will be called West Falls Estates by developers Larry Ross, of the Falls, and Dick Robert, Warroad. The units will be open for renting in December.

50 years ago

Thomas W. Jones, former Littlefork teacher, now of Rensselaer, N.Y., turned author and “professional grandfather.” The grandfather of seven has turned his latest “profession” into the theme of a book entitled, “Household Hints for Grandfathers or Don’t Trust Anyone Under 60.” Jones and his wife, Mabel, taught at Littlefork-Big Falls High School after World War II and left there about 10 years ago.

60 years ago

Grand Opening of Our New Modern Showrooms, Finest in the Midwest! Tuesday, March 29, through Saturday, April 2. Grand Opening Specials: Combination storm and screen aluminum doors, $29.95 each; 9’ x 7’ size complete with hardware garage doors, $59.95 each; beautiful Plywelsh pre-finished Lauan manila plywood paneling, $7.95 each. Everything for the builder, all under one roof! Northern Lumber Co., serving this area for over 20 years, 300 Seventh Street, Atlas 3-2595.

70 years ago

An International Falls man is reported to be aboard a freighter which radioed a U.S. Coast Guard station that it had lost a propeller and was lying disabled 540 miles east of Bermuda. He is Edward Zurick, 27, son of Mrs. Mike Zdeb, 708 Fourth Avenue. Zurick is a purser on the ship. The vessel, Edison Mariner, was bound from the Netherlands to New Orleans. Zurick was born and raised in International Falls. He was employed by Mando until 1943 when he enlisted in the Merchant Marine. Zurick has two sisters and a brother, all living in the Falls. They are Mrs. Arthur Vogelpohl, Mrs. Edgar Giauque, and Stanley Zurick.

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