International Falls

International Falls officials provided 2018 activity reports to the Falls City Council recently.

The city issued 233 building permits last year garnering associated fees of $70,615, reported Kelly Meyers, city building/zoning official.

Meyers reported that 232 permits were issued in 2017 generating $23,616 in fees; 236 permits were issued in 2016 generating $54,398 in fees.

He also provided reports for previous years: 2015 - $33,366 in permit fees; 2014 - $36,213 in permit fees; 2013 - $321 in permit fees.

Meyers also reported to city councilors that nine structures were demolished in 2018 in the city with five pending orders for demolition; 11 structures were demolished in 2017.

Fire and Rescue Chief Adam Mannausau reported 2018 statistics for his department.


  • 2018: 67 department responses, 44 of which were in the city; 12 Canadian National Railway train fills; 9 carbon monoxide calls
  • 2017: 68 department responses, 34 in the city; 26 CN train fills; 21 CO calls
  • 2016: 49 department responses, 33 in the city; 12 CN train fills
  • 2015: 50 department responses, 31 in the city


  • 2018: 1,480 total ambulance runs, of which 906 were emergency calls, and 574 were transfers
  • 2017: 1,473 ambulance runs, of which 924 were emergency calls, 549 transfers
  • 2016: 1,551 ambulance runs, of which 939 were emergency calls, and 612 transfers
  • 2015: 1,528 ambulance runs, of which 887 were emergency calls, and 641 were transfers
  • 2014: 1,357 ambulance runs, of which 790 were emergency calls, and 567 were transfers

Other business

The council Feb. 2 approved use of City Beach for the start and finish of the Great Up North Triathlon, to be hosted Aug. 10 by Evolve U Fitness & Wellness. The event takes the place of the previous Rainy Lake Triathlon, discontinued by Backus Community Center. The race involves a 0.25-mile swim, 15.20-mile bike, and run.

Councilors told Ashley Hall they appreciated the effort to return the event after BCC decided last year it could no longer offer the event.

The council referred to the city's Public Works Committee a discussion about hanging planters in the downtown area and who should be responsible for their upkeep.

Heard from Councilor Leon Ditsch on concerns about blight and the ability for the Koochiching Men's Garden Club to continue generating enough members to plant and care for the flower plots near the Falls High School and International Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

The council also agreed to seek costs to make improvements to the camera and audio system of the council chambers.

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