mcdonald carry

Students from McDonald’s class carry their chosen tree in from the field.

Snow-covered school buses pulled into the driveway of the Saunders U-Cut Tree Farm on Thursday, and Falls Elementary students excitedly poured out, ready to hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.

students play in trees

Students from Winkel’s class run around in the field of Christmas trees.

Dakota dog

Students excitedly greeted the Saunders’ dog “Dakota.”

Teachers Kimberley McDonald, Katherine Winkel and Luke Zika led their fourth-graders through the snowy rows of trees, students carefully inspecting the branches to find a suitable fit for their classrooms.

snow angels

Students make snow angels in front of their bus while waiting for other classes to finish cutting their trees.

“Don’t choose a tree that’s taller than your teacher,” Winkel reminded her class as some students started to gravitate toward eight-foot-tall trees.

Each student was given the opportunity to help cut down the tree, and some found themselves surprised at how difficult it was to use a handsaw.


Fourth-graders help to load their tree into a truck.

After tough decisions were made, each class made it back with the ‘perfect tree.’

“What a perfect day for this,” McDonald noted after thanking the Saunders and heading back to school.


Rena Gedde gets help from her teacher Katherine Winkel to cut down their class tree.

Gary and Pam Saunders invite FES fourth graders to their tree farm every year to pick out their classroom trees. Fifth graders from Indus will also visit the tree farm on Friday.


Students from Kimberley McDonald’s class help to carry their chosen tree to the truck.

two students by tree

Two students from McDonald’s class stand by their chosen tree.

slide on ice

Students slide around on the Saunders ice covered driveway.

student plays in snow

A student plays with snow while waiting for her turn to cut the tree.

students lay on ground

Students in Winkel’s class lay on the ground in order to cut down their chosen tree.


School buses pull into the Saunders’ tree farm Thursday morning.


A student from Katherine Winkel’s class wraps her arms around the tree she hopes the class will choose.

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