South Koochiching

Students attending school in Indus and Northome will return to the classroom this fall.

The Independent School District No. 363 School Board Wednesday agreed to return students to the schools using a hybrid, in-person model. Both schools make up the South Koochiching - Rainy River School District, 

“With the amount of students we have in both buildings, we're able to bring back all the students who want to come,” said Superintendent Jeremy Tammi.

Families have the option to choose distance learning for their student, and Tammi said some have indicated they plan to take that option.

“In July, we sent out surveys and about 80 percent of our families want their students to return to our campuses,” Tammi said. “But with everything, this is all very fluid.”

When deciding how the upcoming school year would operate, the superintendent said district officials focused on reducing capacity by 50 percent in the classroom and while riding school in transportation vehicles. With the amount of students in both buildings, Tammi said they're able to space students appropriately, and welcome back all students who want to come. There are about 200 students who attend Northome School and about 100 who are enrolled at Indus.

One challenge the district continues to work through is transportation. Bus routes cover a large area and developing plans for how to accommodate everyone needing transportation is ongoing.

“This is something we continue to look at,” Tammi said. “We cover such a huge area of square miles.”

Additional information is expected to be distributed this week to district families regarding transportation needs and distance learning options.

Tammi, who took over the superintendent position this summer, said he knows there is still many unknowns and is encouraging staff to be flexible, and to support each other and to support students.

“These are not easy decisions to make,” he said. “We make decisions knowing it'll impact all of our staff and families. We want to make the safest decisions and create an environment that follows all state guidelines. We're all doing our best.”

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