A settlement agreement and release, concerning a Littlefork-Big Falls School employee, was approved this week by the L-BF School Board.

The agreement contains the resignation of Angela Williams, L-BF guidance counselor, effective Sept. 15.

Details of what spurred the agreement were not discussed publicly. The document was approved following a closed session of the board Wednesday evening. The meeting was reopened for board members to unanimously approve the agreement.

The settlement’s resolution states the employment relationship between the school district and Williams, who has been with the district since 2008, was concluded on a “mutually agreeable basis.”

The agreement indicates Williams will receive pay, equivalent to her current wages, through Oct. 31, in the amount of $3,040. She may also elect to remain on the district’s family health insurance plan through Dec. 31, but she will be required to submit payment of her entire share of the insurance premium to the district prior to the first day of each month, beginning Nov. 1.

The agreement also states Williams may not apply for future employment opportunities within Independent School District No. 362. If she does, the district will not consider her application, and she will not be re-hired.

During her employment at L-BF, Williams had access to private student information, which she agreed not to disclose.

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