Looking Back


Today marks the official retirement of Minnesota Conservation Officer Dave Rorem after 27 years on the job. A love of Rainy Lake has helped keep him here, says the 50-year-old retiree. He says the resurgence in the walleye population on the lake is his pride and joy. “I’ve seen it when it was bad and I’ve seen it when it was good,” said Rorem, who began working in Borderland in 1977. “I’d like to think that I was part of getting it reclaimed only from the standpoint of getting everybody to buy into the slot.”


International Falls police are investigating a burglary at Jim’s Eat Shoppe and Swede Charlie’s Pub that netted $1,750. According to Falls Police Chief Randy Borden, burglars entered the building after throwing a 90-pound umbrella stand filled with cement through the front door of Jim’s, 388 Third St. The restaurant keeps the umbrella stand outside the door for outdoor tables. It appeared as though burglars first tried to gain entry by taking the door to Swede’s off its hinges. Employees reported the theft at 5 a.m.


A Sasquatch hunter figures there’s a good chance that the mammal roams the woods of Koochiching County. Richard Johnson, 33, of St. Paul, suggests the Bigfoot is a little bit bigger than a human, lives underground, travels mostly by night, and stays in one vicinity for only a week. Johnson has pinpointed two quadrangular areas where he thinks the Bigfoot is most likely to be found – one in Koochiching County just south of Margie and another near the Bear River in Itasca County. Sasquatch also may be found in the general areas of Craigsville or Crane Lake, he says. He claims he saw a Sasquatch near Margie in November, 1978. Harvey Cole, district technician with the DNR office at Northome, confirmed that some unusual sightings have been reported over the years.


The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul in Bramble will have commemorative services next Sunday. The church celebrated its Golden Anniversary Jubilee July 20-21, 1968, following its restoration after standing in disuse for approximately 35 years. Sunday’s service will commemorate the visitation of Our Lady of Tikvin in 1968. Archbishop John, Russian Orthodox Patriarch of the Midwest, brought the icon with him for the jubilee service last summer. The religious picture, encrusted with jewels and precious metals, was smuggled out of Latvia by Archbishop John when he escaped the Russians.


A beautiful summer Sunday attracted a capacity crowd to the annual Masonic picnic at Carroll’s Beach and pavilion, according to general chairman Virgil Christensen. Women of the Order of Eastern Star, headed by Worthy Matron Mrs. Rod Mansfield, served the potluck dinner in the pavilion. The afternoon was spent in games and races, swimming and in consuming many gallons of pop and free ice cream.


Fort Frances News by Mrs. C.E. Hollands:

Inspection of gardening operations in the wartime housing zone on Phair Avenue warrants the participation of the Horticultural Society and qualifies the area for special prizes donated by W.T. Russell for the best horticultural developments in that area, President George E. Mack reported. Six prizes will be awarded, three for residences on either side of the avenue. Those persons desiring to enter for this competition are required to notify the secretary, Major A.D. Gordon, by letter or by phoning 240 or 241.

Compiled by Marge Veeder

and Catherine Crawford

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