Looking Back


The culmination of five years of fundraising and construction at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church will be celebrated today when Duluth Bishop Dennis Schnurr formally blesses the newly-renovated church. The renovation work coincides with the parish’s 100th anniversary this year.

The Icebox Days Pancake Breakfast is today, 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., at the Elks Hall. All proceeds to be directed to the Falls Education Foundation, a non-profit organization benefiting School District 361.


Four Falls High School students have been selected to serve as pages with the Minnesota House of Representatives. Falls Juniors selected for the program are: Erika Bjorum, daughter of Richard and Patricia Bjorum; Aaron Shuff, son of Tim and Marsha Shuff; Lori Schmidt, daughter of Bruce and Shirley Schmidt; and Tifanne Ehrman, daughter of Julie and Terry Ehrman. The students will assist legislators on the floor of the House as they debate and pass laws.


“In my opinion, the smoke alarm is the best invention of the past 100 years,” said International Falls Fire Chief Jack Robb. Robb was a guest speaker at the Jan. 8 meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary. Robb spoke about fire prevention measures. Iris Johnson presided at the meeting. Roberta Petrie was acting secretary and Jean Manley served as chaplain. Refreshments were served by Doris Morff and Petrie.


Rainy Lake Reelers will be holding a special dance in the Ranier Community Hall. The proceeds will be used to buy cups for the Rainier Community Hall. The program will include potluck and prizes will be given during the dance. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kittelson and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Arnold will be in charge of the program. Mrs. Meta Johnson will assist in the kitchen. All area square dancers are welcome. The Reelers will decorate the evening before the dance. All members are urged to come out and help decorate the Ranier Community Hall.


Memorial Drive is the new name for the Forest Hill Cemetery Road. It was selected by official action of the South International village council at the request of residents of “Cemetery Road” who don’t like that address.

Mizpah News:

Mr. and Mrs. John Dreher entertained their family and relatives on Sunday with a delicious ham dinner served by the ladies of the Community Club in the hall. They wish to thank everyone who helped make their anniversary a success, and also would like to express their appreciation to Fr. Fitzgerald who delivered an interesting message and blessing.


Loman News by Mrs. H.E. MacFarland:

Loman PTA convened Jan. 6 for a meeting. Mr. Petrie served as chairman in lieu of Ray Skov, president. Mrs. Joe Budris, program chairman, led members in community singing. Leah Peggar served as accompanist. Mrs. Ray Peterson read “The Littlest Angel” and Mrs. MacFarland read “What is a Boy.” Two selections on guitar and harmonica were played by William Kurtz. Lunch was served by a committee from Black River district, composed of Mmes. Harold Greeson, Jack Schell and Jens Dahl.

Compiled by Marge Veeder

and Catherine Crawford

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