Scott Magie, Ely, is seeking a seat on the U.S. Senate representing Minnesota.

A statement from Magie says “He is a true Minnesotan that is concerned for the long-term future and welfare of Minnesotans and all Americans.”

His platform and beliefs can be reviewed on his candidate website.

Maggie needs the support of at least 2,000 Minnesota residents to petition by June 1 for him to be added to the Nov. 3 ballot.

Among his positions are the need for Congress to initiate the process of removing the partisan destruction of America

His goal is to establish a third party in Congress to ensure that neither of the two parties ruling American can achieve 50 percent control. “We need a party to help quench partisan activities and focus the U.S. Congress to the critical issues at hand, while immediately stopping the endless financial and irresponsible acts enacted by the U.S. Congress,” he said in a statement. “It is time to force the U.S. Congress to engage in solving the most important issues for America.”

Feb. 2, Magie revived the Democratic-Republican Party “for the purpose of ‘saving’ The Republic of the United States of America from the imminent danger of those currently at the helm in the U.S. Congress,” he said. “The Democratic-Republican Party was the first party in America originally established in 1792. The current two major parties were basically derived from the Dem-Rep Party, but at this point both have substantially strayed.”

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