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Minnesota Senate, District 3: Thomas Bakk and Chris Hogan.

  1. Name, age, address. Summarize your personal background and experiences.
  2. Why are you the best candidate for this office?
  3. What do you see as the biggest issue(s) facing the district and how would you address it?
  4. How would you work to spur economic growth in the district?
  5. Do you have specific legislation you plan to propose? If so, what does it involve?

Tom Bakk

1. Senator Tom Bakk

DOB: 6/8/54

2361 Retreat Lodge Road, Cook 55723

Lifelong resident of the district. Graduated Cook High School; Mesabi Community College; University of MN-Duluth with Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Member of United Brotherhood of Carpenters for 44 years, 20 years as business representative for Local 606, Virginia, MN.

2. As in most occupational fields, experience matters, especially during times of challenges and uncertainty, which our state, communities, businesses and families are currently facing. My eight years as a legislator in the House and 18 in the Senate, including four years as the Tax Committee chairman and nine plus years of majority/minority leader of the State Senate, provides me with a depth of understanding beneficial to the Administration and the legislature.

3. As the Governor and legislature assemble the state budget for the next two years, assuring that rural MN is not negatively impacted will be a serious challenge, considering the growing metro domination of the legislative bodies.

4. The state needs to be a stronger partner in helping our rural communities and our schools grow and thrive. State funding for rural economic development and rural transportation remain at the center of my agenda. I know that continuing to find economic development opportunities connected to our natural resource-based economy remains integral to our growth and success.

5. In order to be successful with legislative initiatives, it’s critical to have built relationships with colleagues on both sides of the legislative aisle. I believe I’ve earned a reputation of being able to work with Democrats and Republicans to achieve successful outcomes. I’m committed to assuring that our rural K-12 schools and higher education such as Rainy River College remain successful and welcome your thoughts and comments on how we can assure that mutual goal.

Chris Hogan

1. My name is Chris Hogan and I am 44 years of age. I live in Silver Creek Township in Lake County, MN. As a native of Int’l Falls, I had the privilege to grow up enjoying Rainy Lake where I still vacation and recreate. I grew up in and around tourism and worked for a number of small businesses in Int’l Falls through college. Today I am a commercial lender/business banker. I have worked in the business community in Koochiching County, the Bemidji area, the Twin Ports and everywhere in between and north for 21 years. I have been active in politics and followed it closely since 1996. My bachelor’s degree is from Bemidji State in Business Administration and minor in Economics. I also completed the Blandin Leadership and Leadership Duluth programs.

2. I have experience in real world, private commerce working with all types of small businesses in our region. I’ve been a trusted advisor and added value for my clients. This has given me a unique perspective of the challenges our families face in our communities within Senate District 3. I am passionate and optimistic of the potential our resource-rich region, with our people as our greatest asset. Under a new generation and new philosophy of leadership we can reverse the downward trend so many feel in our area. I offer a broad knowledge of our region, business, history, economics, and politics.

3. The Arrowhead’s biggest issue is the continued trend of our region’s deterioration and the apparent lock down of development that leaves our communities with limited economic opportunity for our children. This has a broader impact on our communities’ futures. Our household incomes are below that of other areas and the Arrowhead is losing population. Without change now, I fear that the decay will continue and be even harder to reverse in coming years.

4. I plan to work in tandem with US Rep. Stauber, the Trump Administration, Jason Lewis, the MN State Senate majority along with local leaders. State income taxes are too high on middle income families while increasing property taxes are also problematic. Minnesota is one of the most regulated states and I look forward to easing this burden by repealing unnecessarily burdensome regulations. Specifically, the Environmental Impact Statement process and related regulations that underpin development and innovation, takes years for approval in our state; in other states the Environmental Impact Statement only takes 6 months. Pro-industry, pro-jobs reform is needed. I will work with our communities’ strengths and unique assets and will fight for our region and way of life.

5. Needed reforms include streamlining and eliminating undue environmental and business regulations, requiring strict timelines and limiting politically based lawsuits and bureaucracy. Fewer and lower taxes, regulations, and political mandates will encourage investment, innovation and development that is long overdue in our district. I will sponsor any bill that protects 2nd Amendment Rights including Constitutional Carry and Castle Doctrine initiatives. I will also gladly sponsor any legislation that advances the Pro-life cause. Further, as State Senator, I look forward to repealing statutes, more than creating new government restrictions.

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