As you can all feel, the cold weather is upon us. There are many cats left out in this weather to fend for themselves, and it gets overwhelming for rescue organizations to house them all, as hard as we try.

Building a temporary shelter for them is a way to help until they can be taken in by a humane society or rescue.

There are many ways to build a temporary shelter for cats. Totes lined with Styrofoam and large coolers make great housing. Do not ever use blankets or towels in the winter because they hold moisture and will freeze. Straw is the best option for bedding.

Large Styrofoam containers can be obtained by calling Paws and Claws, or ask about getting them from markets, hospitals or a veterinary office.

It doesn’t take much time to save a life in inclement weather. All it takes is a bit of compassion.

For more information on how you can help, contact Cindy Meyer, president, Paws and Claws Koochiching County Emergency Rescue — 218-235-8735;; Like us on Facebook.

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