Do you have room for a very senior cat in your life? Do you have a soft place for her to lay her head and a quiet home in which to live out her life? No kids, no dogs, no other cats to compete with? “Chloe” needs YOU!

She doesn’t deserve to live in a cage and she certainly does not deserve what life has handed to her. You can change her stars with one simple phone call to Paws and Claws.

This little girl was found some time ago in a very remote wooded area on the Galvin Line out by Rogers Corner near Ericsburg. She is very senior and has trouble chewing kibble so can only eat wet food comfortably.

When she was found, she was so thin she could hardly stand but since then has gained some weight. We are prepared to get her to a veterinarian and run a blood panel to check enzymes, and kidney functions among other things such as a snap test to test for feline aids.

It is hard for any rescue to adopt any cat that is a senior so we need your help. You could be what stands between her happiness in her elder years and her depression living in a cage. Many elder cats are tossed aside because people are afraid of them dying. What about being afraid that she has no hope? Please give Chloe hope.

For more information about Chloe, contact Cindy Meyer, president, Paws and Claws Koochiching County Emergency Rescue — 218-235-8735; pawsandclawskoochcounty.com; pawsandclawskoochcounty@gmail.com. Like us on Facebook.

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