Paws and Claws has been rather busy these past few weeks. Aside from getting ready for a huge fundraiser in International Falls, we still continue to rescue.

As mentioned before, our desire is not to take in animals to just adopt to the public. Our desire and main goal is to get the animals to safety, and make sure they are medically safe and secure to transport to other agencies that can continue our rescue into safe and loving homes.

This week, two cats gave birth and between them 10 kittens were born. “Dolly” gave birth to six, while “Roxie” gave birth to four. These are 10 more kittens capable of producing up to eight kittens each if not brought in to rescue and the cycle continues to more after that.

Although new life is exciting, it is also exhausting for the feline moms, the foster care who has to care for them, and the pocketbook in which to feed and vet them all.

So, we are asking for people to simply spay and neuter their pets. If you are to make the decision to take on a pet, please make sure you have the funds to go all the way with your pet — shots and spay/neuter. There are too many precious lives without voices that depend on us to make the right choices. Please be that one.

Together, we can make a difference in our community.

For more information on how you can spay or neuter your pet or if you simply want to help sponsor one of our foster care animals, contact Cindy Meyer, president, Paws and Claws Koochiching County Emergency Rescue — 218-235-8735;; Like us on Facebook.

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