'River' and kittens

Want to hear a great “tail”?

I recently took in twin brother and sister, 7-month-old, black cats as a favor to a friend of mine who was helping someone rehome them. I was reluctant to do so, as black cats are hard to find homes for and I generally only take in emergencies due to limited space and money.

Since they were brother and sister, I wanted to get them fixed as soon as possible so we set up an appointment for May 14 to go in for the procedure. I received a message from another friend in Fort Frances who was looking for a kitty. I told her about “Simon” and “River,” which I had named them, and she was excited and said she would adopt both together. You can imagine my excitement.

So now this brings us to the best part of the story.

It was 10 p.m. and I did my normal routine before bed — I go and check on all the cats to make sure the litter is clean for the night and they have fresh water and food. Low and behold... to my total shock... River had three kittens! Three kittens?! Born within an hour as they were all cleaned up and nursing.

I didn’t even suspect she was pregnant. This is a first for me. I had not held her or felt her other than when I put her in the cage with her brother and checked for male or female so I could collar them for identification as they look identical. The only reason I put them together was because they seemed traumatized and they were getting fixed anyway in a few days. Otherwise that decision would not have happened.

So, we now have three little blackies and River will have to wait to go to her forever home. Simon did great comforting her with the babies. After all, they are a bonded pair and this proves it.

I can’t make this stuff up.

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