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Having prom on district property got the green light from the Falls School Board Monday.

Board approval included a contingency that the event can be held this spring as long as it meets COVID-19 safe operation criteria set by the Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Department of Health.

And, what exactly prom will look like is still unknown.

Falls Superintendent Kevin Grover said Monday while he believes traditional prom activities such as grand march and post prom could safely be held, he was unsure if a dance would be doable.

“That’s the one I struggle with,” he said. “Right now, under criteria, a dance doesn’t fit.”

Board members agreed.

“I don’t see why we couldn’t do a grand march safely and well orchestrated,” Chairperson Ted Saxton said. “The dance is kind of tough.”

Board member Bruce Raboin said he didn’t know how far the board should dive into the details at this point.

“I definitely think as a district, as a school, we have to go forward with prom,” he said. “If something should happen and go south... you can cancel it. My reality says I just don’t know how much, and to what extent we can police this activity. I don’t know how deep we want to dive into this.”

A date has not yet been set for the event, but Grover said grand march would likely be held in the arena after the ice is removed from the facility. Because the pandemic canceled last year’s prom, there is still $3,000-$4,000 left in an account for use, as well as decorations.

“It’s somewhat ready to go, but does need some continued planning,” Grover said.

Student survey

A survey administered by the prom committee was administered to students, and Grover said people involved understand even with planning underway, if local COVID-19 numbers spike, prom could be canceled.

“That’s a risk we know going into it,” he said. “Recently, things have been going in a very good direction for us.”

And while local positive case numbers could cancel the event, on the flip side, the situation could also improve.

“There will be more information a month down the road,” Grover said. “Time will tell.”

As planning can now officially be underway, the superintendent said if a dance cannot safely be held, alternative activities are in the works. Entertainment opportunities like a comedian or a hypnotist have been suggested, but not firmly decided.

“I would not recommend at this point reserving a DJ... but maybe there is something we can figure out,” Grover said. “We want it to be fun... it can be done... Fingers crossed they have a good event.”

Littlefork-Big Falls

Meanwhile, Littlefork-Big Falls Superintendent Jamie Wendt last week reported options for the schools’ prom and graduation ceremony are in the works.

During Wendt’s administrative report, she said officials are “starting to investigate possible prom and graduation scenarios.”