Big Vic

Meeting Tuesday in committee, councilors:

  • Heard from Ranier Municipal Liquor Store Manager Jenn Seegert, who reported a net profit of $4,104 in October, compared to October 2018 with a net loss of $2,405. Year to date net profits are $46,465, compared with 2018 year to date net profits of $26,933.
  • Asked Seegert, and Public Works Supervisor Nick Sears to attend the Nov. 25 budget meeting to discuss needs for 2020.
  • Heard from Sears, who reported that all of the hydrants have been flushed and are ready for winter. The hockey rink board replacement project should be completed by end of the week.
  • Heard from Mayor Dennis Wagner, who reported the majority of the work on County Road 130 has been completed; what remains is some gravel shouldering and a driveway approach.
  • Heard that Wagner discussed options for parking solutions on the west side of Main Street. Wagner said he talked with Joe Sutherland, Widseth Smith and Nolting engineering, and asked him to give an estimate for engineering. Wagner said he is looking at funding options and will have more information by the next council meeting.
  • Heard that all terms of members of the Planning and Zoning Commission have expired. Four members shall be nominated by the mayor and approved by the council. One member shall be selected by the council. Councilor Ron Wilcox has served for more than eight years and indicated he wanted to resign. Eight residents have applied to serve on the commission; three are now on the board and five are new applicants. Wagner recommended Councilor JoAnn Kellner as the council representative, and reappointment of existing members MaryAnn Kasich, Berta Wilcox, with new members Ladd Kocinski and Jeff McHarg.
  • Was informed by Berta Wilcox that the annual Ranier Recreation Club Christmas Party will be held from 1-3 p.m. Dec. 8, and the Rec Club will decorate Dec. 4.
  • Heard, during open forum, city Administrator Sherril Gautreaux respond to resident John Bruggeman that about $10,000 is generated annually by rental of the Ranier Community Building.
  • Told Kris Helleloid there is still time for input on parking in the city, after she asked about plans for parking on west Main Street. Wagner said no drawings are available and no services have yet been contracted. He said he continues to work on preliminary costs and may have some answers at next council meeting. 
  • Heard Bruggeman ask when a meeting about the proposed boat launch will be held, to which Wagner said preliminary drawings have just been completed and will be reviewed. A meeting will be set after that, he said.

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