A group of festively dressed vocalists crept up the stairs at Falls Elementary School Friday morning en route to a fourth-grade classroom. 

Shaking a tambourine and blowing on a kazoo, the group entered Luke Zika's classroom and burst into song. 

Zika stopped mid sentence and students giggled as RaeAnne Conat, Kari Miggins, Jenn Windels and Darcy Sullivan serenaded the teacher with a singing Valentine arranged by his wife, Laura. 

The effort raises money for Servants of Shelter, the local homeless shelter.

"It's so much fun," Conat told The Journal Thursday as she was shopping for festive supplies to wear for Friday's event. "We love doing this."

In a preschool classroom at Falls Elementary, students danced along with the songs sang to teacher Kristie LaVigne, who has been a recipient of the singing Valentine before.

"I was hoping I'd be seeing you today," she said at the end of the two-song set, which some students enthusiastically danced to. "We get our own private concert."

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