Congressman Pete Stauber and local businessman Bob Neuenschwander "bump skate blades" in a greeting this morning in front of Border Bob's, just a block or two south of the U.S.-Canada border.

Stauber met with Neuenschwander, mostly with both wearing face masks, to talk about the impact the border closing March 21 has had on his business and others, which rely on border traffic.

Thursday, Stauber announced his appointment to serve on the Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group, which was created to exchange information and promote better understanding between U.S. and Canadian legislators on common programs and concerns.

He was chosen for this position as a variety of industries within Minnesota, and Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District in particular, rely heavily on close proximity to Canada.

Stauber said Friday he plans to voice his concerns over the closed U.S.-Canadian border during group discussions.

See more about the border closure's impact to local businesses and what Stauber has to say about it in next week's Journal.

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