VOYAGEURS NATIONAL PARK - Falls Elementary students this week ventured into Voyageurs National Park in hopes of catching a glimpse of a bald eagle.

While two of the three fourth-grade classes were able to see the national bird of the United States, Katie Winkel’s class didn’t have much luck.

The group bundled up Thursday to board the Voyageur tour boat, a first for many of the students.

Lisa Maass, VNPA education specialist, provided facts about bald eagles before sending the group to the boat’s upper deck with binoculars in hopes of seeing at least one of the birds.

However, students’ attention was divided between maintaining their balance in rough waters, while also searching the skies and tree tops.

Despite not spotting an eagle, students got to experience a portion of the 218,000 acres of Minnesota’s only national park, and were back to Falls Elementary in time for lunch.

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