June 20, 2021

It’s June 18 on this old adventurer’s and his long-term bride, sweetheart, and best friend’s calendar. It’s also the 55th anniversary of their wedding day in her Minnesota River Valley hometown parish church, just down the road from his. Today’s summer weather this year is perfect, much like that same day on calendar’s 1966—clear, warm with fresh moving air, and no humidity uncomfortableness. This year’s special day is a cabin day at Idaho Avenue on Big Bass Lake, north of Highway 2 near those once-grand rapids of our dandy river Mississippi. Daughter and hubby expected this evening for pizza celebration; early morning walleyes also helped make this day.

Those 1966 honeymooners quickly headed north toward Highway 2 and beyond. There was the borrowed wedding dress to be returned via Nashwauk’s Oreland Café; Duluth, old Virginia Hotel, Ely’s Basswood Lake and Superior’s North Shore—all north of two on that memorable northbound adventure. Wedding gift dollars dried up further south at Mille Lacs Lake before their new apartment-camp on Harriet Avenue was reached, one block north of Minneapolis’ Lake Street—now remembered as George Floyd territory. Hard to realize it’s been 55 years.

A once-young altar boy observed special 50th anniversary masses for couples who appeared to be VERY OLD! These 55 years have seen this special day come and go in many camps for these campers; Minnesota, Virginia, Minnesota, Oregon, Idaho, Oregon, Idaho, and now finally Minnesota again—”Life Loops” with no resentment or deceit; honesty, courage and self-respect there, with follow-up family pride in old age. It’s Jubilee June for a number of other long-term friends, too. Some of their wedding ceremonies were assisted and actively attended. All of their bonds, friendships, and families still survive today along with our own.

June also marks Fathers’ Day and the Summer Solstice when our Planet Earth starts tipping back away from its Boss Star and our days begin to shorten once again. That too says all is still on the right track in the Big Picture—another hint for this Fund of Friends to celebrate with gratitude, with hopes for more June Jubilees on our calendars which seem to accelerate with each new week and each new year.

Nachbar was born and raised in the small Minnesota River Valley farming town of Jordan in 1944. University of Minnesota degrees in civil engineering preceded a career in forest products industry environmental affairs in North America. Dick and his long-term bride, sweetheart, and best friend Regi downsized and simplified as they relocated from Snake River, Idaho, to Grand Rapids, Minn., in 2018. They’re now camped north of Highway 2 and near their lake cabin of more than 40 years.