April 21, 2021

April continues to slip away from us here, north of Highway 2; hopefully, with flowers and blossoms soon to show. A long year into COVID-19 virus precautions and civil unrest events, along with our lake cabin anticipations, make this old adventurer feel like everything and everyone has been pent up—and looking to bust loose at any time!

We’re easing slowly back into restaurant lunches and coffee club gatherings, but just barely so far. National business news signals strong pressures to “get out into the world”. Sports teams strain to fill playing fields and seats. Government economic stimulus factors fan flames of human energy and wants. Markets signal anticipation of released business actions. Everyone longs to make up for lost time and lost action in this mix of pent-up pressures.

At the same time are other strong signs of pent-up social concerns. Washington DC’s January 6, 2021, insurrection has led to legal proceedings now underway against right-wing extremists in a heavily polarized political climate. A Minneapolis jury quickly deliberated fate and yesterday found a policeman guilty on all three counts in the infamous White Cop/Black Man death under a knee last summer. Three more police officers await their own trial. Last week a White Cop, apparently mistaken, used her firearm rather than her Taser on a young Black Man so another Minneapolis jury will likely have to decide another fate.

Social demonstrations and protests have been threatening enough for Minnesota National Guard deployment; however, yesterday’s jury verdict has seemed to quiet the crowd for now. An alarming number of multiple-death shooting events have occurred nationally in recent months, generating further protest demonstrations. Further cries for firearm restrictions and police policy changes are heard. Some states attempt to restrict voting access in order maintain political leverage. There appear to be a lot of “no winners” in this mix of increasing pent-up pressures.

Today, there are a lot of pentuppers across the land, probably including nearly everyone from children to students to parents to fans to citizens ordinary and outgoing. The times may be quite volatile for a while, for better and for worse. Caution flags should warn against unrealistic surging in markets, governments, streets, and communities. Pent up steam pressures need to be eased lower carefully and we worry about the rate at which that could happen across our land.

Nachbar was born and raised in the small Minnesota River Valley farming town of Jordan in 1944. University of Minnesota degrees in civil engineering preceded a career in forest products industry environmental affairs in North America. Dick and his long-term bride, sweetheart, and best friend Regi downsized and simplified as they relocated from Snake River, Idaho, to Grand Rapids, Minn., in 2018. They’re now camped north of Highway 2 and near their lake cabin of more than 40 years.