The library is a partner in the “Read Aloud 15 Minutes Every Day” campaign. Their slogan is “Every child. Every parent. Every day.” Reading with your children is absolutely necessary for their educational development. It is important for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students. It is important for every child to be read to every day.

Every time you read to your child you are improving their learning advantage. Some children begin kindergarten having been read to at home as few as 25 hours while some have been read to as much as 1,000 hours. Children who start behind usually don’t catch up and are at greater risk for reading delays and more.

Reading aloud to your child is the single most important thing you can do to prepare your child for life-long learning success. So please, read aloud to a child today, show them how important reading is.

It is the middle of July and sometimes it can be hard to keep up the reading momentum. It can feel like a slog some days to encourage, motivate and help your child spend time each and every day reading. A visit to the library can help refresh your book selection. Let us help you and your child find some new (or old) reading material that will make it easy to spend time reading. Take a look at our magazine selection both for adult and children, browse the new book section or discover some non-fiction that reads like a novel.

Here are a few of the new children’s books that might interest your child. Books that encourage exploration and discovery of the world around us are always winners in my book and “Try This!” by Karen Romano Young with National Geographic Kids contains 50 fun experiments for the MAD scientist in each of us. Experiments include eggs, potatoes, roses, lemons and dogs (not all together) and more common items to explore.

If you find your kids asking lots of ‘what if’ questions or always imagining the worst-case scenario no matter the event then be sure and have them borrow our ‘worst-case scenario survival handbooks’ books, such as “Gross: Junior Edition” by David Borgenicht. We also have editions about travel, life, middle school and weird.

Parents will identify with the newest Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewis tale from the farm. “Click, Clack, Peep!” relates the tale of a new baby duck who just will not go to sleep until duck comes up with a marvelous solution.

Wordless books are always great for making up your own story and “A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories” by John Martz has delightful illustrations, just perfect for telling your own tale.

We have a few (very few) free tickets to the Duluth North Shore Scenic Railroad “Day Out with Thomas” event coming on July 31, Aug. 1-2 and Aug. 7-9. If you are planning to attend, you are welcome to stop by the library and see if we have tickets still available.