Difficult decisions are being made about our children and their future.

And the grown ups in our community need to play a role.

Monday, the Falls School Board decided to continue in-person learning for students, despite the climbing numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in Koochiching County.

And while the number of cases here does not warrant the in-person model, our kid’s success in school does.

And that success is being threatened by the behavior of the community’s adults, some of whom are not helping do the right thing to allow our kids to attend classes in the best setting possible — our schools.

We join the many voices pleading with adults to take seriously the impact — emotionally, mentally, and perhaps physically — to our children now and into the future, which relies on the grown ups doing the right things to avoid stopping in-school classes.

Our kids should not have to experience the emotional roller coaster that comes with wondering each day whether they will go to school or stay home, and therefore not see friends, teachers or learn in schools.

Clearly, it is not hard follow the guidelines set out to help keep people safe and curb the spread. Our kids do it: Wear masks, keep their distance, wash their hands, and keep things sanitized. And as a result, the COVID-19 spread within the school has been kept at a minimum.

If the kids can follow the guidelines that make a difference in the spread, why are many adults not doing the same?

Seems many adults don’t consider their gatherings as the potential source for spread. Any gathering has the potential to cause enough cases to send our kids home. That’s why Gov. Tim Walz has asked that we limit gatherings to three households in an effort to contain any spread that might occur.

Our children deserve more from the grown ups in their lives. They deserve examples of responsible adult behavior that makes a difference in the lives of others.

The adults in this community have the power to allow kids to remain in school or to send them home. We urge the adults to act like grown ups, regardless of your own thoughts about COVID-19.

Please do what’s right to keep our kids in school: Mask up, avoid gatherings, stay physically distant, and wash your hands.

It’s time to act for the larger good of our children, regardless of your own ideas about COVID-19.