What's at the base of a community?

The people.

And the people of this community are known for their generosity: We volunteer at the Community Christmas Dinner and bake pies for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner; we drop money in the Salvation Army's Red Kettle, and some even ring the bell; we rescue and adopt pets; we give blood; we give to the local food shelf; we donate books and the list continues.

A quick check of our website shows a number of stories about good causes listing those who support them.

Many of those stories included a notation about Stewart's Super One Foods contributing food, money, and likely more than we will ever know.

As an era closes next week with the Stewart family's sale of the grocery store they have operated for nearly 60 years, we must mark for history the generosity of the Stewart family to this community.

Not only have they provided quality grocery items in a updated store, they have offered good paying jobs with benefits to many people over the years. That might seem obvious.

But what may not be so obvious is the behind-the-scenes role the family has often played in supporting this community's many good causes, and individuals in need, in ways people probably didn't know.

And what makes this family extraordinary is that they sought no publicity about their contributions. Some business owners may have used their good will to cash in by luring more customers and adding to their reputation in the community. Not the Stewarts.

Clearly, business decisions must be made and we know that the decision to sell the beloved grocery store wasn't made easily. We take heart in the fact that they are selling the store to Miner's Inc., another family-owned business, which now owns and operates County Market grocery here.

From when you opened the store in May 1961 as a Piggly Wiggly to today, you have done more than many know about for this community. Thank you and best wishes in all that you do.

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