Letter to the editor

If you disagree with someone’s opinion, should they be restricted from expressing it?

Of course not. That’s why The Journal’s Opinion page often has a wide range of views, and it’s likely some won’t match yours.

The Journal’s Opinion Page should be viewed as a place for lively discussion and debate at all times, and that’s especially so during election periods.

However, The Journal is limited to providing views that are submitted to us in the letters to the editor section. When readers don’t submit letters, we have no opportunity to offer differing views, or to share any other ideas from local readers.

Letters you believe carry hate, intolerance, sarcasm, and are what you believe to be short on facts, can only be countered by another view, offering tolerance, understanding and respect with proven facts.

This nation was founded on the idea that we have the right to express our opinions, despite whether they are popular, accepted or understood.

‘Freedom of speech is the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds. Freedom of expression is a core value in the democratic process. It ensures people are able to discuss, exchange, and debate ideas. This allows individuals and communities to find information which is important to them and share it with others, without censorship or reprisals.

We have a few rules about letters. Among them are: no letters complimenting or criticizing businesses, nor urging that people support a particular business; We prefer that people compliment or criticize a business by contacting the owner, and supporting themselves the businesses they choose.

Letters that contain accusations, first-hand reporting of events or consumer complaints are not acceptable; such letters contain only one side, and therefore one version, of events. Letters that criticize or thank people, businesses or organizations will not be published. Again, people should do that in person.

The Journal’s Opinion page should be a safe place to share ideas, views and opinions, for everyone. Do you have an opinion you would like to share?