The need for speed can be satiated for a good cause Saturday.

International Voyageurs Snowmobile Club again partners with Thunderbird Lodge to offer the 11th annual Falls International Speed Run Against Cancer Saturday on Rainy Lake in front of Thunderbird Lodge.

The run gives riders a chance to test their spirit and fortitude in besting their own speed, or challenge the top speeds of a friend or two.

Kudos to the club, the lodge, its members and all involved in making a difference in the lives of family, friends and neighbors who are facing a more serious challenge as they undergo treatment for cancer.

The unique event ties the proceeds of the speed run to the local Community Cancer Walk fund which uses the money to provide gas cards to community members with cancer. The effort is intended to assist people with travel costs for cancer treatment.

The speed runs are offered from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday.

Conducting the speed run for charity started a bit by chance years ago, when a radar machine was donated to the club, and members weren’t quite sure how it would be used. It was around that time a long-time IVSC Board member was transporting his son out of the community for his dialysis treatment, and money raised for that cause is kept by Koochiching County.

The event continues to help local folks while at the same time encourages people to get out and enjoy the winter.

No need to go fast? No problem. The event is a great spectator sport that encourages donations by people who don’t ride as well.

Get out Saturday to race or watch sleds speed legally down Rainy Lake while at the same time lending a hand to members of the Borderland community.

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