Few other communities the size of this one get the attention we get from our federal senators and representatives.

On Tuesday, we’ll have the ear of U.S. Reps. Pete Stauber and Michelle Fischbach, who will host a roundtable on the U.S.-Canada border at 10:30 a.m. at Backus Community Center.

They will be joined virtually by Canadian Member of Parliament Marcus Powlowski to discuss the impact the one-year border closure has taken on the communities they represent.

Entry to Canada has been restricted since March 18 to people considered essential workers, in an effort to keep COVID-19 from traveling into the country.

We’re grateful for the chance to express concerns and frustrations, as well as offer ideas and suggestions, that can help them to urge the Biden Administration to work with Canadian officials toward the safe reopening of the border.

In July, Stauber came to Borderland to visit with Bob Neuenschwander, who opened Border Bob’s — known as the last building in the U.S. — 42 years ago.

The business has been closed more than one year now, and it is one of many impacted or closed because of the border closure. Sadly, some of those businesses may not survive.

Northern Minnesota has long been known for the economic drive of tourism. With the visitors no longer able to travel into Canada, and the lack of Canadian traffic to our retail businesses, our area is suffering.

Stauber clearly identifies as a Republican, but he also knows that some issues should not have political stripes, among them those surrounding the opening of the border.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to tell our border story.